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Residential Lighting and Controls

pool-picture-medium.jpgWith intelligent and intuitive control at your fingertips almost any electrically controlled aspect of your home can be brought under control with an easy to use touchpad.  Curtains, blinds and lighting can all be brought under control to work together and create the perfect lighting preference for any room in your home.  Temperature can be monitored and controlled throughout the house whilst single and multi room audio visual settings make your home welcoming and relaxing.

A universal control can command anything from CD and DVD players, radio, TV, projectors, lighting, blinds and curtains, heating, even telephones, computers, CCTV and access to your properties.  We will create individual programs to suit your requirements and be there to reprogram as and when your requirements change. 

New products are joining the market all the time and we’re always on top of the latest and the best.  If you’d like to know more about the possibilities that can be subtly and discretely built into your existing or new home, please call Tel: 020 7362 0102.