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Residential Lighting Case Study

lounge-medium.jpgOur services are bespoke but also we do protect the confidentiality of our clients, so here we’ve created a combined example from some of the many domestic projects we have worked on over recent years.

As part of renovations to a property we were asked to design a lighting control system.  Our clients didn’t realise the sheer scale of equipment that could be brought under simple control.

Starting with arrival, we created a function within the control system that recognised when clients approached, this opened gates and raised light levels in the external areas of the house.  In addition to that, if the client requried, turn on any other light or lights within the home, this could all be done by means of a simple reprogram of the system.

As the client had several properties we programmed a number of security features so they could monitor each one remotely via secure internet and mobile phone access and in addition to that, make the vacated property look lived in by turning the lighting on and off as you would if present and also controlling the blinds in the same way.

Dynamic-keypad-small.jpgA lighting control system creates a life style in the home not just 'on, off, up, and down' for the lights. To achieve this, mood settings or scenes are created.  For example: 'general', 'dinner party', 'home' and 'morning'.  These effects can also be linked with multi-room audio, so for example, in ‘dinner party’ mode, music can be played throughout the areas in use as well as temporarily disabling individual lighting panels so the desired ambience can be maintained.

Temperature settings are used to keep occupied areas comfortable whilst maintaining cost effective and energy efficient levels in other parts of the complex.