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Saving Energy, Saving Money

leaves-200-x-200.jpgWhether the environment is domestic or commercial, adaptable technology control systems can be utilised to maximise cost benefits, minimise wasted energy and create a more pleasant working or leisure environment.  Light sensors, thermostats and Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors can all be integrated and used to discretely control and maintain atmospheres at their optimum. Installation can often be integrated within existing maintenance and any age of building may benefit.

Better by Design

We’ll take time to learn about your environment, how and when it’s used and any external factors.  Our aim is to then create a system that incorporates your wishes and makes better use of existing resources to create cost and energy effective solutions.

Light and shade

grafik-200-x-200.jpgThe simplistic on/off attitude to lighting can often mean the worst of all worlds with money and energy often wasted unnecessarily.  Light sensors, blinds and dimmers can work individually or in unison to make the most of existing natural light levels and reduce costs and environmental impact.

Climate Control

Climate maintenance can be far more cost effective and kinder to the environment than traditional solutions.  Zoned and scheduled climate control can help keep any environment more comfortable whilst in use.  Blinds and daylight can also be utilised to play their part.

Climate Optimisation

Dynamic-keypad-small.jpgHave you got heating and air conditioning in close proximity? If so they may be working against each other to maintain temperature.  Simple integration equipment can be installed to help them work together and save you money.

Absence Programming and Optimisation

Sophisticated timing schedules can give the impression of varied occupancy far more realistically and cost effectively than older timer systems.  Heating and air conditioning settings can be lowered when areas are not in use.

Office and Industrial Energy Management

Open plan offices, factories and warehousing particularly can make substantial cost and energy benefits with integrated solutions.  Contact us now for a no-obligation chat, Tel: 020 7362 0102