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Sivoia QS Wireless

sivoia-qs-wireless-office.jpgThe innovative Sivoia QS Wireless shading system is beautiful, scalable, and reliable. This system can be used to control the entire family of Lutron automated window treatments, including roller shades, battery-powered cellular shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, Kirbé® Vertical Drapery System, tensioned shades, and Roman shades with CERUS® uptake system. This wireless shading system is a perfect solution for retrofit and renovation due to the elimination of communication wiring between components.

Sivoia QS Wireless offers precision control of shades in one room, multiple rooms, or an entire home or building all at the touch of a button. Using the proprietary Clear Connect™ RF Technology from Lutron, Sivoia QS Wireless directly integrates with Lutron lighting control systems, delivering total light control to any space.

Utilise your your shading system to save additional energy beyond the routine use of automated shades and draperies.  By allowing for whole building control, you may choose to create a scene of "Winter Warm" to open shades, taking advantage of available sunlight, while "Summer cool" lowers shades to block solar heat gain, thereby reducing cooling costs.

sivoia-cellular-shades.jpgSivoia QS Wireless seamlessly integrates with Lutron lighting systems in addition to many third-party devices. 

Sivoia QS Wireless maintains the ultra-quiet performance and precision shade alignment that is the hallmark of advanced shading solutions by Lutron.