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Kirbe’ Vertical Drapery System

kirbe-drapery.jpgAn industry first, the Kirbé vertical drapery system smoothly pulls fabric up and completely out of the way - unlike traditional draperies that move from side-to-side.  This unique design provides greater access to windows and views by eliminating the creation of stack back. 

The use of drapery is typically limited by stack back – the mass of fabric that gathers as traditional draperies are opened, equating to approximately one-third the total width of the drapery.  The vertical uptake of the Kirbé system eliminates this issue, making it ideal for narrow windows or other areas that could not accommodate drapery in the past. 

For floor-to-ceiling glass, the Kirbé can be recessed into the ceiling, leaving the top of the window unobstructed.  It can provide a dramatic way to reveal the screen in a home theater and was designed to clear door hardware, allowing French and sliding doors to fully exploit their view.  A decorative cornice from Lutron can also be used for a stylized finish with no need for a recessed pocket. 

Kirbé Pleat

The Kirbé features a distinctive pleat style, most similar to a ripplefold drapery, that is created and maintained by the system’s unique header mechanism and bottom bar.

Header Mechanism

Reliably and delicately smoothes and pleats fabric as it is taken into and let out of the mechanism.

Perma-pleat bottom bar™

Weights fabric and maintains a smooth and even pleat to keep the drapery’s appearance uniform.