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Lutron Quantum

Quantum Total Light Management™ maximizes the efficient use of light to improve comfort and productivity, simplify operations, and save energy. This powerful and efficient system dims or switches all electric lighting, and simultaneously controls daylight using automated shades. Quantum easily integrates with building management systems. A solution for new construction and retrofits, Quantum is ideal for office buildings, hospitals, universities, and more.

quantum-environment.jpgLight control strategies using Quantum allow for reduced energy consumption, which conserves natural resources and lowers the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air.

Quantum makes employees more productive by providing selectable preferred light levels. Because 90% of information is received visually, having the right lighting for the job is crucial. Additionally, shade control eliminates harsh sun glare and heat, making employees more productive and comfortable. Research indicates that people are 4–7% more productive working in their preferred light level. This equates to at least 10 extra workdays per employee per year.

energi-savr-node-screen.jpgBy integrating with building management software, Quantum allows the facility manager to manage the building’s light from anywhere in the world, and make adjustments to reduce energy costs and consumption. Displaying Green Glance® software on LCD or plasma screens in public areas demonstrates your company's commitment to energy efficiency to both occupants and visitors.