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Lutron Energi Savr Node

energi-savr-node.jpgA simple, programmable, smart module that controls all the lights and saves energy in a commercial space. Energi Savr Node can be used to switch third party ballasts and other non-dim loads and connect wired and wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and wallstations to manage light in a variety of spaces. Occupancy sensors provide energy savings by ensuring lights are off when rooms are unoccupied.  Daylight sensors increase energy savings by automatically turning off electric light when daylight is sufficient.  Ideal for retrofits and new construction, each module can be installed locally, without connecting to a central panel.


energi-savr-node-screen.jpgControl a single space – up to an entire floor – with one or more Energi Savr Node modules.  Link to the Lutron Quantum® system for total light management, entire building control and maximum energy efficiency.


Easy to Install

Wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and Pico® wireless controls are easy to retrofit with no need for rewiring.